Military Spouse Excerpts

Beth Autrey

“I think that we, as military spouses, are unaware that we often operate at an elevated level of stress. A fact we sometimes forget. I sometimes visualize stress in my own life like I am spinning plates; I can keep them going until you add another plate and then it all falls apart. Military spouses operate at that level much of the time. I know that I have some of the same concerns as everyone in the world, I worry about family, money, and health.  But on top of that is this uncertainty about where I am going to live next, when I will move, will my husband deploy, is he going to be gone TDY, how long will he be gone, and when will he be back."

Crystal Cox

"For me, as a military spouse, a horrible event made me understand the "why" in our military family. I was given a lot of resources and helpful tips during the grief process that I can share as a Key Spouse Mentor to help my younger spouses. To this day, I still reach back to the painful memories of losing our friend and talk about the “lessons learned” so that they may help others. The most valuable lesson being…lean on each other as military spouses, and ask for help. I know it’s not easy to ask for help, but we must ask for help and give help freely, because we can be stronger together."

Lucy Witzig

"I spent most of my time overseas establishing my new identity as a military spouse and figuring out the advantages and disadvantages that come with the title. I quickly learned the acronyms “TDY” and “PCS” and figured out the differences between the various branches of the military. I learned that no matter how resilient military spouses appear to be, it’s still okay for us to feel discouraged when the mission takes priority over family time or when last minute TDYs disrupt anniversary plans. I discovered the beauty of homecomings after months apart. I learned how to build strong friendships with spouses quickly. I learned to stand at attention when the Colonel walks into the room at the promotion ceremony. Most importantly, I learned that I am not alone and many military spouses feel exactly like I do."